The storage and use of personal information is governed by the Privacy Policies of the Sleep In Mattress Website for greater security, online access to your personal information is protected by a password chosen by you, which must not be disclosed or provided to any third party. This privacy policy applies to the Site and all products and services offered by Sleep In Mattress.

Personal data information:
Personal data is understood as that information provided by the client (user), for registration, which includes data such as name, surname, date of birth, address, email, and telephone.

The personal data of each user corresponds to him, Sleep In Mattress undertakes not to reveal any type of information that corresponds to him (email, telephone numbers, address, among others.), except in a case of a major force of a legal nature involving you, such as hackers or impersonators.

Security policies for the transmission of Card data
Sleep In Mattress does not store information on credit or debit cards of cardholders on its portal. This information, at no time, will be retained, disclosed or registered on our portal if not a third-party platform is used, these third-party services comply with all security and encryption standards to keep your information safe.

Limit and Liability
Use of cards without authorization from the owner.
Sleep In Mattress, is not responsible for purchases made with credit cards without prior authorization from the owner of the same, it is understood that the person who makes the purchase is fully empowered to carry out the transaction and therefore Sleep In Mattress cannot deny the right to carry out transactions over the Internet. In case of cloning or theft of the credit card, the client (user) must contact the issuing bank and make a claim.